Exclusive- Iranian and Hezbollah experts arrived with Erloo in Yemen Sanaa

A number of foreign experts from Iran and Hezbollah arrived in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, in the middle of last month, accompanied by the unrecognized Iranian ambassador, whom Tehran had appointed as its ambassador to the Houthis in Sanaa.

Security and political sources confirmed to "Khabar Agency" that the unrecognized Iranian ambassador, Hassan Erloo, arrived in Sanaa accompanied by a number of experts in the fields of military communications, as well as experts in the field of piracy and targeting naval vessels and battleships.

The sources pointed out that, Hassan Erloo, arrived in Sanaa, accompanied by eight men, some of whom hold Iranian citizenship and others from Lebanon, noting that among the experts are two experts in the field of military intelligence, whose mission is to train and direct the Houthi members, to avoid the losses they suffered recently on the fronts.

Iranian and Lebanese experts have been moving between the governorates of Sanaa and Hodeidah since their arrival, and they are not all located in the same place, but rather they move individually with a number of Houthi militia members working in the militia's security and intelligence services.

According to the sources, the most important tasks of the experts are to provide logistical support and train the Houthi militia on means of communication and control of drones, the manufacture of mines and camouflaged and modern explosives that operate with an automatic system, such as individual mines that are attached to thermal cameras.

The sources indicated that the experts, who arrived with the unrecognized ambassador in Sana'a, entered the Iranian diplomatic mission in Sana'a to cover up their true identities.